Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey guys!!!

I hope there´s a comic drawing meeting coming in the near future. I´m eagerly awaiting more comic jams!
Unfortunately I couldn´t attend the latest get-togethers...

@Jörg: Is there a chance to take part in your FH lecture as student?


Gideon Stargrave said...

you could participate as a temporary/guest student (but i fear you will have to apply for that, too). otherwise you´ll have to walk the different way aund try to become a regulary student... but this will only work from next year on...

or: come tuesday when i hold my lecture (2.15pm-5.15pm) and we talk about it face2face. maybe we could manage something with the "officials".

be seeing you,

Gideon Stargrave said...

ps: my lectures will end november 18!
so you´ll have to hurry :-)